Sunday, January 23, 2011

So why in the world would you Cloth Diaper!?!?!?!

Do you really have to look at me crazy and crossed eye when I tell you I cloth diaper my son! Really think about it, it's not that bad! I am helping to keep the environment by not adding to the landfills with those nasty disposable (sposies) diapers. Every time I put a cloth diaper on my son's bottom my carbon footprint goes down! Let me be honest with you, that's not the reason why I decided to cloth diaper. I put those cute little diapers on him because I can't stand the thought of all those chemicals in the sposies touching my son's cute little booty!

If you don't know what chemicals are in sposies lets have a look! Disposable diapers release volatile organic compounds, or VOC. This includes toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene. These VOC's have shown to have toxic health effects on the baby.  Sposies also contain sodium polyacrylate, the main absorbent filler.  Sodium polyacrylate can cause respiratory and skin problems. They also have trace amounts of a highly carcinogen byproduct of chlorine bleaching called dioxin (I'm sure you knew that almost all of sposies are bleached white with chlorine, thus the byproduct). The list can go on!!!
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When my son was first born we used sposies for the first few weeks.  In just that little of time he developed a rash. Since using cloth we haven't had to worry about rashes at all! Wondering why this happened, I discovered that the absorbent material in sposies not only wicks away the urine from the skin but it also is known for wicking away the moisture in the skin.  This causes rashes to develop along with other skin problems. 

So can you really blame me for wanting the best for my cute little man? I have become in love with cloth diaper because it's the healthiest (and most cost affective)  choice for our family!  We don't feel comfortable having all the those nasty chemicals sposies are made with on or around our son! 

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