Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Bottom Diaper Video and Review

I've been using the Best Bottom diapering system for two months now and love them! During these two months, I haven't experienced many leaks. The only time we leaked was when my little guy was between sizes. I was trying to prolong the use of his size smalls. 

These diapers are overall great! They travel and wash very well and are super cute! My husband likes them and favors the Orange Sherbet and Moo-licious covers. We prefer the Hemp insert as it holds more and is breathable. I have used the Micofiber Stay Dry insert and liked it but prefer natural fibers. I have not used the Hook and Loop covers because we prefer snaps, we feel they last longer. I recommend these diapers to anyone who is or wants to cloth diaper. Check out how they work in this video:

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