Friday, December 2, 2011

The battle of the YEAST monster!

So as you all know we have been fighting a persistent rash. After talking to some friends of mine I started to look up stuff on a yeast rash. Sure enough, it looks just like the one my little monkey has. Ugh! Now what!

Knowing that I now have yeast in my cloth diapers I put my son in disposables. Super sad and just annoyed that he has to be in them! I'm also feeling so wasteful! I also made a homemade ointment to try and clear up his rash. Coconut oil is one of natures anti-fungal, as well as tea tree oil (TTO). I took the two and mixed them together and have been putting it on every diaper change. I have also been putting some Butt Paste ( the natural one) on top. This seems to be working the best as I continue to research my brains out.

I saw some people used apple cider vinegar to clear up a yeast rash. This made sense to me so I gave it a try. After a few applications my son was crying and grabbing himself, I stopped this treatment right there! Maybe it would help but I am just not a fan of making my little guy any more uncomfortable. Its bad enough he's dealing with this rash and not to mention teething.

His rash seems to be improving but is still there. It doesn't seem as red but you can still see a raised flesh colored rash. So I picked up an anti-fungal cream. Saw Clotrimazole anti-fungal cream recommended on the Dr. Sears website. So here goes nothing!

As for my diapers, going to strip them and treat them with TTO. Have been debating bleaching them. I'm so worried it will destroy them. I will keep you posted on this part of the process as the battle of the yeast monster continues!

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