Monday, November 21, 2011

The Great Soap Adventure! Part 1

So I took my class and bought my supplies and now its time, time to make some soap! My friend and I get all the supplies ready, mix the Lye and get it and the oils (Coconut, Palm, and Olive oil) to the right temperature. At this point our essential oils and botanicals are out and ready.
We begin to mix the Lye and oils and get the perfect consistency.  Now to add the goods, in goes the scents and botanicals. The room smelt heavenly as we mixed the two parts into the soap mold. Our next step, WAIT!

This is the hardest part! Waiting! After the soap is placed in the mold it's ready to come out and be cut in 24 hours. Although, if you wait to cut it 3-4 days you get a better soap.  So come Wednesday we will see what we made. During this time the soap is covered and you can't see it.  So Wednesday can come and we find out it didn't mix right or at all. Or it smells horrible! You really don't know what you are getting!

So we wait till Wednesday. Too bad it doesn't stop then. After cutting the soap you have to wait till it cures! UGH! That takes 3 weeks! So we really won't know what we get till December 11th! I'll keep you posted on each step but till then we just wait and hope it turns out awesome. :)

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