Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rash that last!

We have been battling this rash forever it seems! For those who don't know we are a cloth diapering family, and love it. When using cloth you can't just put on any rash ointment, it can destroy your dipes. There are cloth diaper safe ointments and we are putting them to the test!!

CJ Butter, we heard so much about how wonderful you are. I think as a preventive your great but you didn't really seem to put a stop to this rash.

Burt's Bee, you seemed to keep this rash from getting worse but after a few days we didn't see much improvement. I did really like the smell.

Grandma El's, I was so bummed with your performance! I love your products. Just didn't seem to do the job. I did mix this with Earth Mama Angle Bottom Balm and saw some improvement!

I also mixed Burt's with Angle Bottom Balm and saw some improvement. So naturally, I started using Angle Bottom Balm solo and so far I have seen a huge improvement this morning! Hoping this works, I really don't want to do disposables and harsher creams. I will if I have to! Ugh, Lord let this rash go away!!!

Any moms out there have cloth safe rash creams that worked wonders? Let me know I would love to try them!

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